Verjus | 3L box

Terra Sonoma®

  • $45.00

THE GREEN BOX. Economical, affordable + environmental and easy-to-use.
A Verjus bag-in-a-box... a perfect size to fit in the refrigerator and easy to access anytime. A definite for the serious cook.

WHAT IS VERJUS? A mildly tart winegrape juice for culinary uses - sauces, vinaigrettes, drinks, --- almost anything!

USE Verjus in vinaigrettes, deglazing pans, sauces, marinades, and splashing in a drink. Think of using it in place of lemon juice, lime juice, vinegars, or anything else that may bring brightness or acidity to your dish. Instead of salt, reach for verjus. Verjus is versatile and subtle and heightens flavors without masking the original flavors in the dish.