Saba | 200 ml bottle

Terra Sonoma®

  • $35.00

saba  the cooking syrup

the winegrape syrup - similar to vin cotto 

It was once said...
"Sugar sweetens, but Saba flavors."

Our Saba is made from must of estate grown winegrapes reduced down to a thick sweet cooking syrup.

This traditional specialty gourmet product is used in many ways, limited only by your culinary imagination: As a drink when diluted with water (sparkling water is delicious!), over shaved ice (granita), over ice cream, to sweeten breads and cookies, as a condiment on beans or polenta, or added to ricotta or yogurt. Add it to your tomato sauce instead of sugar to create an exceptional sauce. Try Saba in salad dressings and marinades for extra sweetness and flavor. When fresh fruits are in season, serve sliced with a little Saba drizzled on top. Drizzled over seared scallops, over grilled chicken or roasts = delicious.

Limited Production.

202 cases : 2012 vintage    (aging in barrel - not released)
198 cases : 2011 Vintage
422 cases : 2010 vintage
330 cases : 2009 Vintage