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Cultivate the most amazing flavors possible ... 

Terra Sonoma Food Co. was founded on the ideals of creating handcrafted artisan culinary products for the Everyday.

Our passion for winemaking + winegrowing lead to this natural path in creating culinary products. We begin with extraordinary flavors in our vineyards. And what ordinary should be. We create products with a story. Products with integrity. We grow, produce and bottle Verjus, Saba, and Olive Oil slowly with intention year after year. Capturing the years treasure.

Husband & wife team, Karin & Justin Warnelius-Miller founded Terra Sonoma Food Co. in 2004 after years of winemaking and winegrowing. Both Karin & Justin are talented creative types.  Both learned at a young age to have a great respect for the land and the craft of winemaking. This lead them to have a strong sense of uniqueness in the products they would create with their food company — simple, good food + wine for those that understand what good tastes like. 



Karin & Justin live + work on their family vineyards in northern Sonoma County, California.


Co-owner | Foodmaker + Winemaker | wife + mom | artist
karin at terrasonoma.com

Simple inspirations... if you listen quietly, there are details in the world that will inspire you to do amazing things.


Karin was born in Linköping, Sweden. Her strong northern European influence of nature, its beauty and simplicity is the inspiration behind all she touches. Her heritage taught her the action of not using more than you yourself can consume. It's an instinct and natural act.

Immigrating to America. As farmer's daughter, she grew up on a 200-acre ranch in the heart of Geyserville in Sonoma County, California growing winegrapes since 1974. Her childhood ranch is only fifteen minutes from her family ranch she lives on today with her husband, Justin and children.

The wine business has always been a part of Karin's life. It's in her blood. Growing up with a 3,000 case family winery as a child in Alexander Valley to a 20,000 case family winery in Sweden, winemaking is a passion and natural action. Then a few years at a French negociant, Boisset Wines USA in San Francisco working in Marketing and International Sales to distirbutor sales experience at a large California distributor, Regal Wine Company owned by Kendall-Jackson wines. All of the doors she walked through led her to become a vintner and winegrower alongside her husband.

Karin has many years of wine marketing & sales experience which ignited her passion for identity and package design, more specifically Wine + Food Package Design. It's powerful 'real estate' - a 3x6 inch piece of paper!

Today her time is spent engrossed in both Terra Sonoma food + wine products & their family winery & vineyards Garden Creek Ranch Vineyards & Winery. Her day can consist of potographing new recipes in her kitchen, running the tractor down the vineyard row and hosting a private wine and food tour all in one day. These are both small family businesses. It's just the two of them producing ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon with a winery open for private winetastings by appointment only. It's all in a days work.

Her strongest passion is her husband Justin and two children Elsa + Leif. Preparing dinner for the family each evening is an absolute favorite time... always a bottle of the family Olive Oil and Verjus at hand and a glass of Garden Creek wine.


Co-owner | Winemaker + Winegrower | husband + dad

A man of many talents... mediocrity is not an option.

Justin is the winegrower and technical expert behind the exquisite products we create at Terra Sonoma. He grew up on the ranch, Garden Creek Ranch Vineyards and Winery, we call home in Geyserville, California. We grow the winegrapes producing these amazing food products under Terra Sonoma as well our family label and home ranch name of Garden Creek Ranch Vineyards and Winery.

Justin's winegrowing and farming techniques and beliefs are driven by organic & sustainable practices. It's clear if you aware of what you put on vines or plants tended to without chemicals or unintentional wine growing practices. Every move should mean something. That's the way Justin views it anyway.


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Thank you for your interest, and we hope you enjoy Terra Sonoma as much as we do!

Karin + Justin
Co-owners at Terra Sonoma Food Co.